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We are Value Added Resellers (VAR) and engineers specialising in small businesses systems: Micro-Businesses, Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), 'discerning' home users, and multi-media.

Every time you use your computers, they are gradually accumulating errors which impact upon performance. A software service and update is recommended at least once a year. Typically, we can make your computer run up to 20% faster, thereby improving efficiency and extending its useful life!

Are You Safe On-Line ?

Security is too important to leave to chance!

You are entering your financial and personal or business details! Computers are now indispensable for home management as well as business, but with them cyber-crime has become an unfortunately increasing fact of life. Much malware (viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, etc.) can be traced to Organised Crime and they are every bit as interested in a home PC as they are in a business network! It can be very hard for you to know if your computer is infected, especially with 'stealth malware'. Did you know that your computer equipment is being 'probed' for 'vulnerabilities' the whole time it is on-line? There is definite need for 'due diligence' concerning security!

Linux - What Is Linux ?

Linux is an Operating System in Use the World Over

Linux ® takes its name from Linus Torvalds, the software engineer who developed the Linux ® kernel - the core of the system. It has nothing in common with Microsoft ® Windows ®. Linux ® was written to be secure from the ground up and there are currently no known viruses or malware 'in the wild' which can infect it.

It is used by millions of people and thousands of companies: the Internet is driven by Linux ® servers; Government Agencies worldwide use it due to its improved security; U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Fleet, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Federal Courts, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, French Parliament, Government of Mexico City, Government of Cuba, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Lucasfilm Industrial Light & Magic, DreamWorks, Novell, Cisco, Peugeot, Toyota Motor Sales, CERN Large Hadron Collider, ConocoPhillips Seismic Imaging Supercomputer, Canada's IBM iDataPlex Supercomputer, etc.

In use, our version of Linux ® looks similar to Windows ® 7 but more modern. It is therefore familiar, easy to understand and simple to use. However, 'under the bonnet' it is completely different - but don't worry - it is extremely robust, stable and reliable and rarely goes wrong - and if you have a problem, we can support it for you. Did we mention it cannot currently catch any known virus?

Finally, there is not just one version of a Linux ®, but hundreds of different ones. The CCR version of Linux ® is derived from the one mentioned above, which our engineers have further developed.

Business Systems

We provide consultancy, support and sales solutions to small businesses and Small-Medium Enterprises (SME); specifying, supplying and installing hardware and software in a stand-alone or 'peer to peer' network environment. Particular attention is applied to security and best practice to minimise the risk from viruses and other malware. We offer reliable and efficient Systems Management such that a client may cost effectively outsource their IT needs to us, providing for increased productivity through efficient and secure computer systems.

Home PCs

Home users too greatly benefit from our services. It is a minefield out there! People ask; 'what is the best computer', 'how do I set it all up', 'how can I transfer all my e-mails, contacts and files' - and of increasing importance, 'how can I securely remove all my data from my old computer'? We make all these problems painlessly go away!

We can supply a quality, branded computer, display (screen), printer, scanner and any other peripherals and software required, together with anti-malware solutions - all professionally pre-installed and configured on our workbench. We then deliver and set up in your home so you are 'ready to go' with no compatibility problems, worry or fuss. Additionally we advise on Internet Service Providers and E-Mail Hosts and supply and set up your home network, either wired or Wi-Fi. Our charges are surprisingly competitive, often little more than buying disparate 'boxes' in the High Street and struggling to go it alone - with all its frustrations and pitfalls!


Our additional specialisations include Digital Audio and Multimedia and NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions. In addition to supplying branded hardware, we also custom manufacture our own CCR Brand of extremely powerful, 'state-of-the-art' computers. These include the 'PAW' Studio Multimedia PC, which was endorsed by a leading DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software manufacturer, and our new 'SMW' Secure Miniature Workserver for business or home using our Linux Operating System.

One Stop Shop

Offering pre-sales advice and post sales support, we purchase to order direct from UK distribution - meaning that you get the latest products, not something that has been sitting on the shelf and is already outdated. Being truly independent gives us access to almost every conceivable brand and product enabling us to recommend and supply the very 'best in class' value for your requirements and budget. Testimony to our service is the fact that most of our clients come by recommendation and stay with us year after year, after year.

Please contact us without obligation to see how best we can help.

Services Include:
(in alphabetical order)

Barcode Solutions
Bespoke Builds
Broadband Set-up
Call Outs / Site - Home Visits
Clean (hardware / software)
Cost Effective & Friendly
Data Erasure / Obliteration
Digital Audio & Multimedia
E-mail Configuration
Hardware & Software
Home, Business & SME
Migration (from old PC to new one)
Networking (Wired or Wi-Fi)
Repairs & Upgrades
Sales (VAR - Value Added Reseller)
Security & Privacy
Service (computer internal)
Software Service / Health Check
Systems Management
Virus / Malware Removal

Products Supplied include:

Computer Systems - Desktop & Notebook (Laptop), etc.
Displays (Screens) & Loudspeakers
Printers, Scanners, Peripherals
Business Software
Audio Hardware & Software (DAW)
Custom Built CCR Linux ® Computers
other Software & Solutions

Brands Supplied - but not limited to:
(in alphabetical order)

Asus, Brother, Canon, CCR, Crucial, Epson
HP, Intel, Kensington, Kingston
Linux ®, Logitech, Microsoft ®
NEC, NVidia, Samsung, Toshiba
Wasp, Xerox, ZyXel, etc.

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