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– CCR Sound –

Sound Engineering
Pro-Audio Equipment
Guitar Tech: Set-Up; Electrics & Upgrades

We are professional audio engineers and pro-audio equipment sales; specialising in live sound, smaller recording studios, digital audio computer systems, and guitar set-up & electrics.

CCR was established in 1984 to serve the location sound recording needs of broadcast television, film and video. We have worked with leading broadcasters in the U.K. and abroad - providing us with countless prestigious screen credits: Anglia Television, TVS, LWT, Thames Television, Granada, Channel Four, Meridian, ABC Television (U.S.A.), TCN 9 (Australia), and the B.B.C. Our work has been also used by many blue-chip organisations, including: The R.A.F., Microsoft, Lloyds TSB, British Airways, Sealink, Ford, Kodak, and many more! This evolved into live sound engineering and mixing, supplemented with computer engineering and sales.

Our history includes backstage work in the theatre, London recording studios (DJM - Dick James Music) and television studios. Highly experienced with sound engineering, recording and music technology, as the digital era brought convergence of audio, video and computer technologies, we introduced audio computer systems & consultancy to our portfolio.

Guitar Tech: For guitar and bass players, we can set-up and clean your guitar or bass, dress and polish frets, set the action and intonation and upgrade its electrics and hardware. For example: supply and fit GraphTech ® saddles, nuts and bridge pins, replace tuners, pick-ups and rewire electrics. We have worked brands including: Gibson ®, Fender ®, Rickenbacker ®, Godin ®, Aria ®, Hofner ® and Epiphone ®, both recent and true vintage! Additionally we can help you design and supply your dream pedal-board!

We advise, supply and configure audio hardware, computers & software, tailored to your requirements and budget.

Engineering Credits Include:

Leigh Folk Festival
The Dickens
Hullbridge Sports / Touchline Music
Riga Music Bar
CCR Production Studio
DJM Recording Studios (London)
Dick James Music (London)
Anglia Television
Granada Television
ABC Television (New York)
BBC Television (London)
BBC Television (New York)
Channel Four Television
Television South (TVS)
ATV (Television)
Thames Television
London Weekend Television (LWT)
Fox TV (New York)
Planet Pictures (Ottawa, Canada)
Phantom of the Opera (recording)
Les Misérables (recording)
Cliffs Pavilion Theatre
Towngate Theatre
The Strawbs
Gary Brooker - No Stiletto Shoes
Andy Fairweather Low - Low Riders
Dave Bronze
John Young Band
Glenn Tilbrook

Products Supplied include:

Microphones, Mic Stands, Mic Pre-amps
Mixing Desks (analogue & digital), Amplifiers
Monitors (loudspeakers), Compressors/Limiters/Gates
Equalisers, Effects Processors (reverb/delay/modulation)
AD/DA Converters, MIDI Interfaces & Devices
Audio Software (DAW), Control Surfaces
Computer Systems, Displays (screens), Peripherals
Guitar Effects Pedals (stomp boxes) & Pedal Boards
Guitar Components (saddles, tuners, pick-ups, etc.)

Brands Supplied - but not limited to:
(in alphabetical order)

AKG, CCR, Chauvet, Crown
dbx, DigiTech
Frameworks, Fujitsu
Gotoh, GraphTech, Grover
JBL, Lexicon
Microsoft, NEC, RME
Schaller, SSL, Soundcraft, etc.
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