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Described as a "polymath poet, photographer, guitarist and singer-songwriter" (Leigh Folk Festival), Essex based musician and photographer Clive Cowan says that for him, 'arts themselves correlate; for example, poetry and song lyrics have much in common whilst music can suggest imagery and vice versa'.

Clive's career in broadcast television, film and video (with countless screen credits) led to extensive travel resulting in a catalogue of images produced with his professional 35mm film SLR and digital DSLR cameras. His style is 'bold, high contrast, brightly coloured scenes' which he achieves by using 'analogue, in-camera and digital post processing techniques'. His photography has been exhibited in several solo gallery exhibitions.

Atlantis Photo           Waverley Paddle Steamer Photo

Atlantis Photo           Wheal Coates Tin Mine Photo

Hurricane Photo           Catalina Photo

Breitling Wing Walkers Photo           Sea Hawk Photo

He can produce a quality photograph and if required write or edit the text for your project. For musicians or bands in need of stage and publicity images for your web site, flyers and CD covers, he is happy to help.

Roy Metté Photo           Cliff Lift Photo

Carol & Ian Wedding Photograph           Carol & Ian Wedding Photograph

PAW System Photo           Digiscope Photo

All images in these Galleries are my sole copyright. They are presented here for public artistic enjoyment, interest and education within the scope of my understanding of copyright law. If you are connected with one of these images and feel there may be underlying rights which concern you, please contact me.

Thames Barge Marjorie Photo           Thames Barge Reminder Photo

Colchester Jumbo Water Tower Photo           Lewes St. Michael's Church Photo

Southend from Estuary Photo           Old Leigh Photo

Southend Pier Train Photo           Old Leigh Photo

Beach Huts Photo           Perranporth Sunset Photo

Rose Photo           Turnstone Photo

Olympus E-520 with Zuiko Digital 14-54mm 1:2.8-3.5 II photo
            Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera
                        © Clive Cowan

What Camera Should I Buy / Which Is The Best Camera?

There are many parameters that come into play but the most important thing to remember is that it is the photographer and his or her creative eye for composition that makes the photograph, not the camera! However a better camera will help the photographer take greater creative control of the picture taking process and potentially to obtain better pictures, especially in difficult shooting conditions.

Concerning the cameras themselves, it is probably true enough to say that pretty much all at any given price point are largely comparable and pretty good, although possessing individual strengths and weaknesses. Of these we will all have our preferences, I have mine as others will equally have theirs. What is important though, is to buy one that is appropriate for your needs, which will largely dictate how much you need to spend.

Photography is and always has been quite technically complex and digital photography is arguably more so than film as it provides many in-camera controls, menu settings and additional functions. Using a digital camera to best advantage is actually quite challenging, but it also opens new horizons of photographic opportunity and especially promotes use of computer-based processing that provides for fantastic creative control. However, camera automation can make the process relatively 'point and shoot' for the beginner.

For your information, I have always used Olympus professional cameras. For 35mm film this is the Olympus OM1n, whereas for digital I use the Olympus E30 and E520, with Olympus Zuiko or Zuiko Digital prime and zoom lenses. I also use Canon PowerShot compact digital cameras.

Kindest Wishes, Clive


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