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CCR was established in 1984 to serve the location sound recording needs of broadcast television, film and video. We have worked with leading broadcasters in the U.K. and abroad - providing us with countless prestigious screen credits: Anglia Television, TVS, LWT, Thames Television, Granada, Channel Four, Meridian, ABC Television (U.S.A.), TCN 9 (Australia), the B.B.C. - and more! Our work has been also used by many blue-chip organisations, including: The R.A.F., Microsoft, Lloyds TSB, British Airways, Sealink, Ford, Kodak, and many more! This evolved into live sound engineering and mixing, supplemented with sales.

Highly experienced with sound engineering, recording and music technology, as the digital era brought convergence of audio, video and computer technologies, we introduced computer systems & consultancy to our portfolio.

We also service and set up guitars / basses, and upgrade their electrics and hardware.

Our history includes backstage work in the theatre, London recording studios (DJM - Dick James Music) and television studios. Additionally we have designed. supplied and programmed LED stage lighting for live music clubs.

We have written equipment reviews and articles, and proof-read and edited technical papers for scientific and university publication - as well as originating photography including a magazine front-cover. We are credited as 'Technical Advisor' in the book about fractals 'The Colours of Infinity' for our work in editing its introduction written by famous science-fiction author Sir Arthur C Clarke.

CCR is a respected and long-established business with second-to-none customer service. Please navigate through the links above to explore what we offer, and whichever interests you, why not give us a call and see how best we may help?

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